November Newsletter

Steven K. Southers

Presentation Summary

Mr. Southers will discuss the future plans of the airport, and the airport’s regulatory obligations and sustainability projects (Master Plan, NEPA, Archaeology, Sustainability, Stormwater, Wastewater, Noise Abatement, Emissions, HAZMAT and Soil Contamination).

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Personal Bio

Steven K. Southers is the Environmental Stewardship Manager at the San Antonio International Airport, where he oversees NEPA, Sustainability, Aircraft Noise, Stormwater, Wastewater, Noise Abatement, Emissions, HAZMAT and Soil Management.  A licensed Texas attorney, Mr. Southers has a B.S. in Biology from UTSA and a Juris Doctor from Texas Tech School of Law.

Prior to starting work at the airport in 2008, he handled construction contracts and emergency preparedness as an Assistant City Attorney. Steve also served as an Assistant District Attorney for Bexar County, and drafted water rights and environmental legislation while working as a Legislative Aide to a Texas State Representative. The SAT airport is a dynamic workplace, and Mr. Southers has recently handled issues concerning Electrification of Ground Support Equipment, Emissions Reduction, Airport Planning, Archaeology, Abandoned Graveyards, Historic Preservation, Next Gen Navigation, AFFF, Dump Sinks, Food Donation Program, MSW delineation, Emergency Planning,  Asbestos and Mold, and Fuel Tank Registration.

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Alamo Analytical Laboratories, LTD

Point of contact: Dr. Reddy Gosala, Ph.D.
Firm Address; 10526 Gulfdale, San Antonio, TX – 78216
Phone/Email: (210) 340-8121,

Branch Office Address: 2500 Montana Avenue, El Paso, TX 79903

State classification of Business: Small Business, Woman-Owned, Minority- SCTRCA, NMSDC State of Texas – HUB Certified, Federal- HUBZone
Alamo Analytical Laboratories Ltd. (Alamo Labs) is a full service environmental and industrial hygiene laboratory providing quality-testing services, located in San Antonio, Texas and established in 1980. Alamo Lab’s primary focus is to provide a wide range of services that include analysis of soil, water, wastewater, hazardous solid waste and ambient air for organic and inorganic pollutants with utmost customer satisfaction, quick turnaround and best pricing.

Highlights of our firm are as follows:

  • Alamo Labs is a 15,000-square foot fixed facility laboratory and offers testing of soil, water, ambient air, and stack emissions monitoring, and can be outfitted to meet specific program requirements.
  • Alamo Labs has branch in El Paso, Texas with around 4000-square foot fixed facility laboratory and offers sampling and testing of drinking water, soil and air samples.
  • Provides analytical testing services of soil, water, waste and air using EPA and Standard methods with GC, GC/MS, ICP, AAS, AAS-GFAA,  IC, UV/Visible/ IR, FTIR, TOX, TCLP, Microscope, and general chemistry methods.
  • Supported hundreds of environmental assessments, compliance monitoring, and remediation programs for governmental agencies, the State of Texas, independent contractors, and environmental consultants. These have involved state and federal superfund sites and numerous Department of Defense related programs for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Air Force Center of Environmental Excellence (AFCEE).

Analytical Capabilities

–   Certifications:
Alamo Labs in San Antonio is accredited by National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to perform environmental testing services in most states.

A Letter from the Chair 

Dear A&WMA Alamo Chapter Members,

November is a time for many fun festivities celebrating the fall season.  The weather is finally a little cooler (thank goodness!) and there are so many wonderful things to do in and around San Antonio at this time of year.  I want to take a minute though to reflect on something else that November brings – Thanksgiving.  It is a time to be grateful and thankful for the blessings in your life.  I have so many and I am truly blessed.  So, I challenge everyone to think of one thing a day to be grateful for.  One of those things for me is becoming a part of the A&WMA board.

We are still looking for a Vice Chair and a Webmaster so, if you are interested in either position on the A&WMA Board, please contact any of the Board members or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:  The Vice Chair’s main responsibility is finding speakers and sponsors for the luncheons.  The Webmaster updates the website with the monthly newsletter and makes any other changes necessary to the website.  Our Board is truly a team effort, and everyone helps.

Thank you all for your continued participation in A&WMA luncheons and activities.  Member participation keeps the organization going and your continued support is appreciated.

Best regards,
Heather Johnson
AWMA Alamo Chapter Chair