December Newsletter


Letter from the Chair

Dear A&WMA Alamo Chapter Members,

Happy Holidays!!!!  I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season so far.  It can be a crazy time of year, but I hope you can slow down and enjoy time with family and friends.  With the passing of two good friends recently, it was a sad reminder that you can’t take life for granted.  I often get caught up in buying presents and running around but not slowing down to just spend time with loved ones.  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am looking forward to a merry one!  I hope and pray that you all have a wonderful holiday.

We are celebrating in our own style with a holiday party on December 19th.  Please see the newsletter for details.  We had a blast last year so I hope you can join us.

We are still looking for a Webmaster, so if you are interested in this position on the A&WMA Board, please contact any of the Board members or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:  The Webmaster updates the website with the monthly newsletter and makes any other changes necessary to the website.

Thank you all for your continued participation in A&WMA luncheons and activities.  Member participation keeps the organization going and your continued support is appreciated.

Best regards,
Heather Johnson
AWMA Alamo Chapter Chair