October Newsletter

Joseph Martinez
Director – South Texas Region at TSC Environmental (TSC)

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Presentation Summary

Joseph Martinez, Director – South Texas Region at TSC Environmental (TSC), will be presenting on the use of RECLAMAX® soil remediation technology. RECLAMAX® utilizes aeration and chemical oxidation to remediate petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils in the South Texas oil field. Utilizing this technology, petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils can be remediated on-site without generating harmful biproducts. The system output averages 500 cubic yards of soil processed per day which is typically ready for testing and reuse within days. This technology offers many advantages including reduced time, cost, liability, and resource consumption. TSC will provide a technical overview of the treatment process and discuss system advantages and limitations.

Personal Bio
Joseph Martinez is the Director – South Texas Region at TSC Environmental (TSC). His career has been largely focused on soil and groundwater remediation. He has experience in utilizing a multitude of remediation technologies including chemical oxidation, bioremediation, soil vapor extraction (SVE), mobile dual phase extraction (MDPE), fluid recovery systems, air sparging, and injection of enhanced attenuation compounds. In addition to these technologies, he has experience with the use of site-specific risk assessment and modeling practices to evaluate the fate and transport of contaminates throughout soil and groundwater.

Joseph also has experience in due diligence, spill prevention and planning, stormwater compliance, silicate monitoring, and wetlands screenings. He has worked with regulators on the state and federal level to bring sites into environmental compliance under various environmental regulatory programs. Joseph has approximately 15 years of experience in the environmental industry and a B.S. Degree in Resource and Environmental Studies from Texas State. He enjoys spending time with his family, church, and outdoor sports.

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Company Bio

TSC Environmental (TSC) provides environmental, engineering, and construction services. The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing quality services at an exceptional value, being good stewards of creation, and giving back to the communities it serves. TSC has provided services for various industries including oil & gas, mining, agriculture, and real estate. Their project work has included air permitting, site remediation, due diligence, and landfill design and construction. TSC has offices in Texas and Oklahoma and their service footprint extends throughout the south and mid-west. TSC continues to grow through innovation and genuine commitment to building long term business partnerships.

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A Letter from the Chair 

Dear A&WMA Alamo Chapter Members,

Howdy!  I had the opportunity to attend the A&WMA Section & Chapters Fall Council Meeting this past weekend.  A big thank you to Terry Casey, SW Section for encouraging me to attend.  The council meeting gave me the opportunity to meet senior staff from Pittsburgh, Chapter Chairs from other areas of Texas and the country, in addition to SW section members.  I learned so much during the council meeting.  It was refreshing to hear new ideas and ways to improve our Chapter!  More to come so please stay tuned!

We are still looking for a Vice Chair so, if you are interested in this position on the A&WMA Board, please contact any of the Board members or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:  info@AWMA.org.  The Vice Chair’s main responsibility is finding speakers and sponsors for the luncheons.  Our Board is truly a team effort, and everyone helps.

Thank you all for your continued participation in A&WMA luncheons and activities.  Member participation keeps the organization going and your continued support is appreciated.

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